Late Update of Panasonic Camera Firmware

Panasonic Camera Firmware
Late Update of Panasonic Camera Firmware

Late Update of Panasonic Camera Firmware - Most of camera brand release their new firmware almost regularly. Therefore, you can always find the new update for your camera firmware once every few months. However, it’s not like that with Panasonic camera firmware update. We can see that Panasonic doesn’t release the new update as fast or often as other brand. For some people, this looks like very disturbing, because we get used to with fast update for all software that we use.

However, there is reason, why Panasonic doesn’t update their firmware as fast as what you think.
The main reason is holding the new feature for their new product. Usually, when you update your camera with new firmware, your camera will be able to use new feature. Or, the existing feature in your camera will be optimized. Therefore, you can get best performance for your camera. But, Panasonic seems use firmware update for different purpose. They use it to fix bug on their product. For new feature, they keep most of them for new product.

However, even though Panasonic firmware update mostly for big fixing, you can’t just ignore it. You need to keep update your Panasonic camera regularly. Therefore, you won’t find any problem or bug, while you use your camera in the future. Actually, what Panasonic do with their strategy to give less firmware update is good strategy. They want to optimize the new product that they launch, so it can compete much better on the market with other brand. But, if you are usually updating your software in specific time range, it will become really hard for you. So, the solution for this less Panasonic camera firmware update is be patience. You need to wait for new product. Or, you also can use third party firmware. If you want to use third party firmware, make sure you use the Panasonic camera firmware from trusted source. Do not use hacked firmware; it has high risk for your camera.

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