The Latest Canon Firmware Update

The Latest Canon Firmware Update
The Latest Canon Firmware Update

The Latest Canon Firmware Update - If you are looking for Canon’s firmware update, chances are you are already aware of the significance and importance of firmware. For that reason we always put an effort into keeping our camera’s firmware updated. Canon has recently been rolling out quite updates for two of its DSLR models, the Cinema EOS C200 and the Cinema EOS C300 Mark II. If you’re the owner of the aforementioned models, you would want to find out all about the updates here.

Cinema EOS C200 firmware update

In terms of its specifications, this particular Canon model can be considered as one of the most interesting DSLR camera on the market. Its incredible 12-bit 4K RAW, 5 internal ND-filters with advanced dual-pixel CMOS Auto Focus and Super35 CMOS Sensor are undoubtedly second to none. Just last month, Canon released a firmware update for the camera.
The firmware version is launched to fix the minor bug in which the camera’s start time code is not being properly displayed. More so when it is used to capture MP4 clip files at the frame rate of 59.94P/50.00P.

Cinema EOS C300 Mark II firmware update

Speaking of the 4K RAW system, the Cinema EOS C300 Mark II is widely considered as the most revolutionary camera on the market. With improved internal and external 4K/2K/Full HD features, enhanced 4K RAW output, excellent focus assist engineering, optimized Dual-pixel CMOS Auto Focus, and many more. This heavily redesigned DSLR camera is indeed the best in its category. Recently, Canon rolled out an update to fix a large number of features such as listed in the following:
  • Automatic aperture along with the push-auto iris functions
  • Joystick on the grip can now be used to zoom-in and zoom-out
  • Manual iris control can be done from the control dial of the camera, and many more.
Now that you have found out a few bugs the firmware update can fix, it is time for you to update your camera.

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