Things to Know about IP Camera Custom Firmware Upgrade

Things to Know about IP Camera Custom Firmware Upgrade

Things to Know about IP Camera Custom Firmware Upgrade - IP camera custom firmware is an essential part for this kind of camera. Before talking about the firmware, it is important for you to know what Ip camera is. It is basically a kind of camera used to monitor a certain location from distance. It is similar to CCTV anyway. However, it is claimed that Ip camera is more beneficial since CCTV has a particular lack of visibility and overview. As the term of Ip itself actually stands for Internet Protocol, it means that you can monitor the location easily and clearly due to the internet connection. Interestingly, you can also simply update its firmware. Here are things to know before updating the firmware of IP camera.

The Series of Your IP Camera

Of course, you must know well the name of brands along with the series of IP camera you have. In fact, not all series are probably compatible with the upgrades. The old series of IP camera from any brands are commonly no longer able to be updated particularly with the newest upgrades. It is due to the limitation of hardware. However, if you think that yours are not that old, just check it. There is high possibility that it can still be updated properly.

The newest upgrades are available or not

Not all brands and series are releasing the newest firmware in certain period of times. Therefore, if you are interested to update your IP camera, just be patient if there is still not any upgrade available. There are indeed some kinds of firmware that can be updated using the firmware upgrade from other brands. However, for the sake of your camera, this action must be avoided.

The Features Available

Learn more about the features available on the new upgrade, whether you really need it or not. Too many features can just make the camera performance lowered including for the IP camera custom firmware.

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