Nikon 1 J2 Software and Firmware Download

Nikon 1 J2 Firmware Download
Nikon 1 J2 Software and Firmware Download

Keep your digital system camera up to date. The firmware update for the "Nikon 1 J2" offered here for download brings the system camera up to date.

A firmware update can bring several advantages: First, the manufacturer thus improves errors that affect the function of the camera. Second, new features can be added through a firmware update. Third, the processing speed of the camera may benefit from the firmware update.

These improvements are offered by the update 1.10

  • The update also makes continuous auto-focus mode AF-C possible using the bayonet adapter FT1 with AF-S lenses. However, the bayonet adapter must also be updated to firmware version 1.10.
  • The Nikon 1 Nikkor 32mm 1: 1.2 is now supported.
  • When you zoom in on images shot in MF (Manual Focus) focus mode, the 1 × magnification option has been added. The period before restoration of normal inactivity display after cropping has been shortened.

Note: The firmware update is at your own risk. If the update process is interrupted, the camera may be damaged. If you do not trust the update process, contact a photo retailer.

This is how the firmware update works

  • Download the update and unzip the file.
  • Make sure the camera battery is fully charged.
  • Insert a blank SD-HC card into the camera and format the card. This feature can be found in the camera menu. After that switch off the camera, remove the SD-HC card.
  • Insert the SD-HC card into the card reader of your computer. Copy the firmware file to the SD-HC card. Put the file in the main directory of the memory card, do not create folders. Finally, remove the SD-HC card using the Safely Remove Hardware feature. or? eject ??.
  • Insert the SD-HC card into the camera and then turn on the camera. In the Camera menu, locate the firmware update subpage. Confirm the update to the new version.
  • Switch off the camera after the update and after a few seconds again. Check the firmware version in the camera menu. Has the new version been installed?

Conclusion: To keep your Nikon 1 J2 up-to-date and to ensure optimal performance of the device, update the firmware of the camera regularly. Larger software updates may even include new features for your camera.

Life is best when you live it at the moment. How about a camera that is fast enough, smart enough and creative enough to capture the fun in your world without missing a beat?

The intelligent Nikon 1 J2 Interchangeable lens camera makes you think faster and acts even faster. Ultra-portable and easy to use, it has everything you need to make great photos and movies.

The bright LCD screen provides crystal clear recording and playback. Features like the innovative motion snapshot and the easy-to-use creative mode keep pace with the way you want to capture your life.

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#Portable Nikon 1 System
Small and compact lenses in different colours. Crafted to bring new levels of speed, simplicity and enjoyment into the way you conquer your world.

#Super high-speed AF CMOS sensor
Focuses faster and more accurately than ever before.

#High-speed recording
Shoot images in full resolution with up to 60 frames per second.

#Recording Modes
Capture images with motion snapshot and smart photo selector in a whole new way. With the easy-to-use creative mode, you can add your own style to your photos.

#Intuitive operation
Clear menus, a bright LCD screen, an easy to attain mode dial and an integrated flash.

#Super high-speed AF CMOS image sensor
Provides the performance you need for stunning photos and movies. Provides the ideal balance between system size, speed, light sensitivity, resolution and depth of field. Allows detailed 10.1-megapixel images of fast-moving motifs in any light.

#Powerful EXPEED 3-Image Processor: delivers unparalleled speed and performance in any situation. Equipped with two powerful engines that can handle images with incredible 600 megapixels per second. Provides excellent noise reduction and enables the camera's groundbreaking shooting modes.

#Advanced Hybrid AF System (Autofocus): Focuses so fast that you can capture moments without delay. Switches immediately between Phasendetektions-autofocus on shiny or moving motifs and contrast detection-autofocus when the subject is stationary or poorly lit.

#Fast and Accurate series recording: Use the camera's autofocus system to capture even fast moving motifs in full resolution with up to 10 frames per second. or focus on one point and use the camera's phenomenal processing speed to record full-resolution images up to 60 fps.

#Motion Snapshot: Bring your still images to life with one click. Draws the camera's processing speed to take a slow motion movie and still image at the same time. Once you've taken your shot, the two images are instantly combined to create a "vivid image" and capture a moment in time you've never experienced before.

#Smart Photo Selector: Always the best shot. Takes up to 20 high-resolution images before and after releasing the shutter button, and then saves your "best" five images from which you can select. Images are recommended based on facial expression, composition and focus.

#Creative mode: Before recording, apply filters and effects to still images and access the PSAM recording modes to ensure complete control. Improve the mood with the soft filter, take in impressive panoramas in the easy panorama and enjoy a world that is always perfectly illuminated with the night portrait mode.

#Advanced Movie Recording: Allows you to capture photos at full resolution * ³ while recording, without interrupting the recording, and you can film in extreme slow motion for a dramatic effect. Movies can be recorded in full HD and the autofocus system with phase detection makes it easy to capture great action scenes.

#Sophisticated camera design at its finest: the attention to detail gives this camera a real sense of style. Available in a range of colours that complement the minimal design, selected models offer brushed metal and textured surfaces.

Bright LCD monitor with 921,000 pixels and 7.5 cm (3 inches). With a large viewing angle and protective glass, this high-resolution screen lets you see every detail of your photos and movies-indoors or outdoors.

#Intuitive operation: With clear menus, a minimum number of buttons, a built-in flash and an easily accessible Modusrad for quick access to the recording modes. If you don't want to think about something, you can rotate in automatic mode and scene Auto selector lets you choose the best camera settings for you.

#Built-in Flash: Provides extra light when you need it. Convenient for indoor shots or to soften images when the sun is behind your subject. Designed at the same time as the camera, it allows perfectly exposed images.

#Expandable system: The family of 1 Nikkor interchangeable lenses covers virtually all types of scenes are all optimized for filming and feature a compact design for excellent portability.

#F-Mount Adapter: Attaches to the camera's 1-mount camera so you can use a Nikkor SLR lens. Trying different lenses is a great way to experiment with recording a scene. If you use AF-S and AF-i-Nikkor lenses, you can still use the incredible Nikon 1 auto Focus system.

#Nikon 1 Short Movie Creator: automatically creates shorts from your photos and movies. Incredibly easy to use, it preserves the quality of any photos or frames of shots your record. Movies can be up to 30 minutes long, and there are a number of styles to choose from.

Download Nikon 1 J2 Software and Firmware for Windows OS:

Nikon 1 J2 Software and Firmware Download for Windows 8.1
Nikon 1 J2 Software and Firmware Download for Windows 8
Nikon 1 J2 Software and Firmware Download for Windows 7
Nikon 1 J2 Software and Firmware Download for Windows Vista
Nikon 1 J2 Software and Firmware Download for Windows XP

Download Nikon 1 J2 Software and Firmware for Mac OS:

Nikon 1 J2 Software and Firmware Download for Mac OS 10.6.8, Mac OS 10.7, Mac OS 10.8, Mac OS

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