Nikon D5100 Software and Firmware Download

Nikon D5100 Software Download
Nikon D5100 Software and Firmware Download

The D5100 is a powerful D-SLR that boosts your creative side and helps you create still images and movies that you know like no other.

The swivel monitor with variable angle combined with the D-movie function of the camera allows unique shots from every angle. Still, images or movies can be added with a special effect to create a sense of magic.

The high dynamic range imaging allows you to capture exceptionally detailed still images of contrasting scenes.
The perfect way to capture your view of the world, this camera was made with freedom of expression.

Nikon D5100 drivers are tiny programs that allow your digital camera hardware to communicate with the software of your operating system. The update of the Nikon D5100 software prevents crashes and maximizes the performance of hardware and system. Using outdated or damaged Nikon D5100 drivers can cause system failures, crashes, and the failure of your computer or hardware. Also, installing the wrong Nikon drivers can exacerbate these problems.

Recommendation: If you are inexperienced to manually update Nikon device drivers, we recommend that you download the Nikon D5100 driver utility. This tool will automatically download and install the latest and correct Nikon D5100 driver versions so that you do not accidentally download the wrong D5100 drivers.

Nikon D5100 Software and Firmware Download
Nikon D5100 Software and Firmware Download

Keep your digital SLR camera up to date. The here for download offered the firmware update for the "Nikon D5100" brings the DSLR up to date.

A firmware update can bring several advantages: First, the manufacturer thus improves errors that affect the function of the camera. Second, new features can be added through a firmware update. Third, the processing speed of the camera may benefit from the firmware update.

These improvements are offered by the update

The update fixes bugs that often occurred when reading and writing to certain memory cards.
In addition, settings were optimized that could lead to color or exposure differences in manual exposure mode.

Note: The firmware update is at your own risk. If the update process is interrupted, the camera may be damaged. If you do not trust the update process, contact a photo retailer.

This is how the firmware update works

  • Download the update and unzip the file.
  • Make sure the camera battery is fully charged.
  • Insert a blank SD-HC card into the camera and format the card. This feature can be found in the camera menu. After that switch off the camera, remove the SD-HC card.
  • Insert the SD-HC card into the card reader of your computer. Copy the firmware file to the SD-HC card. Put the file in the main directory of the memory card, do not create folders. Finally, remove the SD-HC card using the Safely Remove Hardware feature. or? eject ??.
  • Insert the SD-HC card into the camera and then turn on the camera. In the Camera menu, locate the firmware update subpage. Confirm the update to the new version.
  • Switch off the camera after the update and after a few seconds again. Check the firmware version in the camera menu. Has the new version been installed?

Conclusion: In order to keep your Nikon D5100 up-to-date and to ensure the optimal performance of the device, update the firmware of the camera regularly. Larger software updates may even include new features for your camera.

Changes with A and B firmware Ver. 1.01

  • An error in which the card may not have been recognized when it was addressed.
  • If "Selective color" in the retouch is set to "NEF (RAW) + JPEG" and an image size of "M" or "s", the image margins may not be present changed color. This issue has been resolved.
  • If "Measurement" is set to "Matrix metering", the exposure mode is set to "M" and the HDR exposure difference is set to "Auto", the exposure difference is set to a value equal to "2 EV". This has been changed to allow an automatic adjustment of the exposure difference so that it is suitable for the scene.

Firmware Version Confirmation

  • Turn on the camera.
  • Press the menu button and select "Firmware version" in the Setup menu.
  • The firmware version of the camera is displayed.
  • Turn off the camera

DX-Format CMOS image sensor with 16.2 megapixels: delivers lifelike images with vibrant colors, reduced noise, and soft color gradation.

High ISO (100-6400) light sensitivity-manually expandable up to 25600 with the setting Hi2. Allows for faster shutter speeds for finely detailed images with minimal noise when capturing fast moving motifs or taking pictures in low light. has an automatic ISO setting.

Imaging Engine EXPEED 2: Optimizes the camera's technology for superior performance and maximum image quality.

7.5 cm (3 in.), LCD monitor with 921,000 pixels and large viewing angle: Lets you capture unique shots from any angle. features a lateral opening mechanism that allows you to make self-portraits or use a tripod.

D-Movie-Full HD (1080p)-Movie clips: A special movie record button right next to the trigger makes it easy to keep the camera quiet when you switch between still images and movies. The AF-F mode keeps everything in focus, and the vari-angle monitor and the camera's special Effect mode allow for unique shots. The camera supports the use of an external microphone and offers 30p, 25p and 24p video rates.

Live view with Scene Auto Selector: Allows you to easily create images using the variable angle LCD monitor. The auto scene selects the best mode for the scene and the subject you want to capture. Features easy-to-select AF modes, including AF face detection, which detects and tracks faces within the frame.

Razor sharp autofocus system with 11 measuring fields: provides fast and accurate auto-focus coverage across the entire image area. Four AF measurement fields, including 3d tracking AF, deliver sharp results regardless of whether the subject is out-of-center, fast, or completely unpredictable.

Continuous shooting with 4 fps: This camera lets you quickly capture moving images with four frames per second.

Special Effect Mode: Allows the recording of special still images and films with a special effect. offers a range of effects, including color sketch, miniature effect, night vision, and selective color, which lets you highlight up to three colors of your choice and make the rest of the image monochrome.

With the modes, the camera settings are automatically adjusted, including picture control functions and active D-lighting, to avoid difficult photo situations and achieve optimal results. Simply turn the mode selector switch to the scene to access the most commonly used modes. Sample photos are displayed on the display so you can select the correct mode.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging: Provides detailed shots of contrast-rich scenes. Takes two shots with a single trigger to create an image with an extremely wide dynamic range, low noise, and rich color gradation.

Extensive retouching menu: allows you to edit and enhance photos and movies in the camera. Provides a set of effects and filters, including perspective control, Soft focus, and color outline that convert your photo to a line drawing.

Dual-integrated Dust Reduction system: image sensor cleaning and air flow control systems keep dust away from the camera's image sensor, ensuring clear, stain-free images.

HDTV Compatibility: The camera has an integrated HDMI port with HDMI CEC support, so you can watch your photos and movies on any HD TV and control the playback capabilities with your TV's remote control.

Infrared receiver front and rear: prevents blurring in close-ups and self-portraits.

Stereo sound: Nikon's optional stereo microphone me-1 is designed specifically for D-SLR cameras, allowing you to record movie clips in high-quality stereo sound without noise. Comes with windshield and Softcase accessories.

Download Nikon D5100 Firmware for Windows OS:

Nikon D5100 Firmware Download for Windows 10
Nikon D5100 Firmware Download for Windows 8.1
Nikon D5100 Firmware Download for Windows 8
Nikon D5100 Firmware Download for Windows 7
Nikon D5100 Firmware Download for Windows Vista
Nikon D5100 Firmware Download for Windows XP

Download Nikon D5100 Firmware for Mac OS:

Nikon D5100 Firmware Download for Mac OS 10.6.8, Mac OS 10.7, Mac OS 10.8.5

Download Nikon D5100 Software:

Download Nikon D5100 Picture Control Utility 2.1.0 Software for Windows 10
Download Nikon D5100 Picture Control Utility 2.1.0 Software for Windows 8.1
Download Nikon D5100 Picture Control Utility 2.1.0 Software for Windows 8
Download Nikon D5100 Picture Control Utility 2.1.0 Software for Windows 7

Download Nikon D5100 Picture Control Utility 2.1.0 Software for Macintosh

Download Nikon D5100 Camera Control Pro 2.21 Software for Windows 10
Download Nikon D5100 Camera Control Pro 2.21 Software for Windows 8.1
Download Nikon D5100 Camera Control Pro 2.21 Software for Windows 8
Download Nikon D5100 Camera Control Pro 2.21 Software for Windows 7

Download Nikon D5100 Camera Control Pro 2.21 Software for Macintosh

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