Pentax K-3 Software and Firmware Downloads

Pentax K-3 Software Downloads
Pentax K-3 Software Downloads

After a long time of uncertainty, Ricoh Imaging has now released a firmware update for the Pentax K-3 to support the new KAF4 lens mount. KAF4 lenses do not have a mechanical aperture-dipping lever; They require an electronic actuation of the opening instead. Before this firmware update, the K-3 could not output the necessary commands to operate this system.

Thanks to this update, the new Silentfokussierende da 55-300mm PLM lens can be used with the K-3. We recommend this lens to its predecessor AF.  A similar update was released for the K-3 II, K-S2, K-S1 and K-1 months and the K-50 today. The K-70 (and newer) supports KAF4 lenses by default. Older bodies are not compatible with KAF4 lenses.

Keep your digital SLR camera up to date. The firmware update for the "Pentax K-3" offered here for download brings the DSLR up to date.

A firmware update can bring several advantages: First, the manufacturer thus improves errors that affect the function of the camera. Second, new features can be added through a firmware update. Third, the processing speed of the camera may benefit from the firmware update.

These improvements are available in the update to version 1.01

  • Freezing the processing time for HDR recordings.
  • Improved performance in fast recording series.
  • Extension of viewing time for Live View.
  • Improvement of the general performance parameters.

Note: The firmware update is at your own risk. If the update process is interrupted, the camera may be damaged. If you do not trust the update process, contact a photo retailer.

This is how the firmware update works

  • First, check the existing firmware version of the camera. Turn on the camera, go to the camera menu, select item 4 in the set-up menu and select "Firmware Info / Options". The update is only required if the camera firmware is older than the version in this update.
  • Download the update and unpack the file if necessary.
  • Make sure the camera battery is fully charged.
  • Insert a blank SD-HC card into the camera and format the card. This feature can be found in the camera menu. After that switch off the camera, remove the SD-HC card.
  • Insert the SD-HC card into the card reader of your computer. Copy the firmware file to the SD-HC card. Put the file in the main directory of the memory card, do not create folders. Finally, remove the SD-HC card using the Safely Remove Hardware feature. or? eject ??.
  • Insert the SD-HC card into the camera. Hold the button ?? menu ?? while turning on the camera. The camera compares the current firmware version of the camera and the version of the update. Confirm the update to the new version.
  • Switch off the camera after the update and after a few seconds again. The firmware is now up to date.

Conclusion: To keep your Pentax K-3 up-to-date and to ensure optimum performance of the device, update the firmware of the camera regularly. Larger software updates may even include new features for your camera.

Pentax K-3 firmware update guide:

  • Download the firmware zip file from this page
  • Extract the file to a folder of your choice
  • Locate the extracted. Bin file and copy it to the root folder (top level, i.e. Outside of any folder) of a formatted SD card
  • Insert the card into your camera and make sure it is fully charged
  • Turn on the camera while pressing the menu button
  • Select Yes at the firmware prompt
  • Once the complete screen displays, turn off your camera
  • Turn on your camera again and resume normal operation
  • To verify that the firmware update was successful, go to the firmware option under the Setup menu tab (wrench icon) and confirm that the firmware version specified is the same as the update.

Note that all updates are cumulative, so the latest firmware version contains the contents of all previous versions.

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