Sony Alpha ILCE -7RM2 Software Download

Sony Alpha ILCE -7RM2 Software Download
Sony Alpha ILCE -7RM2 Software Download

Compatible Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 SP1

The improvements after downloading and using the latest Sony Alpha ILCE-7RM2 software are follows:
  • Improve the ability of the camera 
  • Those are including improving the ability of the camera in AF areas and it is set in the flexible spot. There will be also a live view display along with custom button. This latest software also improves the set file name function. 
  • The camera will have better visible light LED especially if the users are using external flash light and for the purpose of AF areas. 
  • Improvement on added power off temp function
  • This function is very useful in specific cases such as when you are using the camera in a high temperature environment or in a poor circulation area.   
  • Improvement on the stability of the camera especially if you are using it to shoot image. It works by managing the temperature. 

Steps to Check the Software Version

The first thing to do is go to the select menu. Then, find the setup subpage 6 and choose the version option on the camera. When you choose the version option, there will be a specific display which explains about the detail of the software including the version.

The Computer Hardware Specifications:

You have to prepare around 500MB free hard drive space along with 512MB RAM or more. Don’t forget to fully charge the battery. Prepare the USB cable and it has to be the original USB cable from Sony. There is no guarantee that the software or download process runs well with any other USB cables.

Important Notes:

Just make sure that you don’t remove the batter and the AC adapter during the updating process. It is better to remove the memory from the camera before starting the updating process. Don’t start the update if the computer is in sleeping mode. 

ILCE-7M2 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver.4.00 for Mac
Download Here

ILCE-7M2 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver.4.00 for Windows
Download Here

PlayMemories Home Software Download Here

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