Fujifilm X Pro 2 Camera Body Firmware Update Ver 4.00

Fujifilm X Pro 2 Camera Body Firmware Download
Fujifilm X Pro 2 Camera Body Firmware Update Ver 4.00

Product description: the firmware updates adding the 4K video use X series of popular Film Simulation mode. With this, users are able to input audio from external microphone. The updates also offer other benefit features of tether shooting via Wifi or USB. The upgrade firmware also allows users for shoot with compatible third party accessories studio flash in high speed synch or using TTL mode using radio controller. The feature of AF tracking algorithm for moving object enhance the capability for track the moving subject.

Supporting format: the firmware updates is support with Fujifilm X RAW studio. This can let users to convert RAW files using X-Processor Pro. This also support for backing and restoring the camera setting via Fujifilm X acquire.

Operating system: Windows and Mac

  • Windows X Pro firmware update ver 4.00 downloaded link
  • Mac X Pro firmware update ver 4.00 downloaded link

Manual Update installation

  • Put the memory card that already formatted into card reader slot
  • Check for the recent firmware version before update
  • Prepare the memory card that have been formatted
  • Download the updated firmware and then save into the card
  • Put the memory card that filled with firmware update and in the camera and update it.
  • Check the upgraded firmware
  • Format the card again. The media that used for update firmware should be reformatted again before use it for take image again.

Note for the update firmware steps

If the update is fails, the camera will not perform well. Ensure for follow these two instructions below:

  • Check the battery and ensure it has fully charged
  • The firmware update time is varies depend to the firmware capacity. Most of it need about 90 seconds. Never turn off the camera and operate while the firmware updates.
  • Before you updates the camera, save your previous memory. Once the firmware get updated, there are some data from the previous versions is unable to restored.

X-Pro2 Camera Body Firmware Download

File Name: FWUP0008.DAT
File Size: 51.0MB
Version: 4.00

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