Fujifilm X-Series Camera Software and Firmware Download

Fujifilm X-Series Camera Software and Firmware Download
Fujifilm X-Series Camera Software and Firmware Download

An upgrading firmware and software download for a technology product is generally given by a vendor. It enables to improve new features or solve problems. Fujifilm X-Series camera can be upgraded to the better level.

Things to Do for Upgrading System of Fujifilm X-Series

  • A Fujifilm X-Series camera with a battery at 100% condition
  • An empty memory card that must be formatted by a camera. To format a memory card, you can go to the Menu and choose an option of Setup and choose Format. 
  • Download the latest firmware files to personal computer or laptop. You can find it from the official Fujifilm download website. 

The Ways on Upgrading Fujifilm X-Series Camera

  1. After the latest firmware is downloaded, input the firmware file from personal computer or laptop to formatted memory card. 
  2. Insert memory card to camera
  3. Turn on camera by pressing back or disp button together
  4. After that, you will welcome a display of fujifilm X-Series camera firmware upgrade informing a version of body and lens firmware that have been used currently. 
  5. Then, choose OK to continue an upgrading process. 
  6. After that, it appears a display of body or lens firmware that you want to upgrade. Remember that the latest firmware for camera body. Choose an option of body. If the lens firmware that want to upgrade, choose an option of lens. 
  7. Press OK to continue and process an upgrading system. It is running automatically.
  8. After it ends, Fujifilm X-Series camera will show an information of upgrading process. When it has been completed and successfully upgraded, you will turn off the camera. 
  9. To ensure the firmware and software that has been upgraded, you can do a checking process by turning on camera and press a button of disp or back. 

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