Pentax K-1 Firmware Update Software

Pentax K-1 Firmware Update Software
Pentax K-1 Firmware Update Software

Product Description: for Pentax K1 firmware update version, it gives improvement for several features in Pentax K-1.  The Pentax K-1 provides Red-light LED monitor display function that prevent photographer’s’ pupil’s for closing down the eye after accustomed the dark environment.
  • Change in drive mode function
  • Change in white balance function
  • Change in custom image
  • Change in JPEG recording size
  • Function in card slot setting
  • Improving stability for general ability performance

Operating system: for MAC and Windows
  • Download for Windows here
  • Download for Mac here

Supporting formats

Before update the firmware check for the current version to prevent double or false version update.
  • Turn on camera
  • Press “menu”
  • Press controller to set up the screen menu
  • Choose the >firmware info/options> in (menu set up 4 then press the four way controller
  • The current version of firmware will be displayed.

Download instruction and Installation

Preparation of update:
  • Blank, formatted SD/SDHD card with memory capacity 32MB or more
  • USB cable 2.0
  • Card reader for computer that compatible with SD card slot
  • Full charged battery

Updating procedure
  • Use formatted SD card for updating the software
  • The downloaded file is self-extracting files type.
  • Copy the firmware update file into SD card. If the computer do not have SD card slot, then you can copy the updated firmware file by inserting SD card into camera and connect the camera into computer directly.
  • Insert battery D-L190 to camera and conform that the battery is full charged. Next, turn of the camera
  • Insert the updated SD card into camera and close the cover of card
  • Turn on the camera and press the “Menu” button
  • The menu “update camera firmware” box will appears in camera. Press the “start” and press “OK” button.
  • The “now loading” menu will appear in LCD monitor and then starts updating.
  • When updating complete, turn off the camera
  • Remove the updated SD card from camera ad conform the version from updated firmware.

Download PENTAX K-1 Firmware for Windows and Mac OS:

Download Here

Download PENTAX K-1 Software:

Pentax IMAGE Transmitter 2 Update version 2.3.0
Pentax Digital Camera Utility Update Version 5.7.2

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