Nikon D5 Firmware Version 1.20 Download

Nikon D5 Firmware Download
Nikon D5 Firmware Version 1.20 Download

Nikon D5 Firmware version 1.20 is the latest firmware version for Nikon D5 camera. In this new firmware, there are some changes that we can get.


  1. New 2 AF-area mode, which is group-area AF (HL) and group-area AF (VL),
  2. New information on photo display, which is the color temperature. This works on photo that was taken using Auto mode for white balance adjustment.
  3. Exif tag listing on the photo. With this new feature, you can easily tag time zone, UTC and other, like what you can get from Exif 2.31.
  4. New support for AF-P lenses, which are:
    • Focus setting that was activated when standby timer expires won’t change, when you use it another time.
    • New indicator that will show you the focus distance when you use manual focus mode.

How to Install Nikon D5 Firmware

The process to update your Nikon D5 firmware is easy. Here are the steps to do that.
  1. Create folder on your computer,
  2. Download the Firmware and extract it to the folder that you just created, and you will get “F-D5-V120W.exe” file
  3. Find in the extract folder and copy “D5_0120.bin” into your camera memory card and insert it into your camera,
  4. Open SETUP MENU and choose the latest Firmware version,
  5. Follow the installation process and wait until it has been installed properly,
  6. Confirm that firmware by pressing and holding MENU button on the Menu screen to see that your camera has latest firmware version.
  7. Once you confirm it, you can use your Nikon D5 with latest Firmware in it.

Operating System

This Firmware version is compatible with:
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 all version,
  • MacOS Sierra version 10.12
  • OS X 10.6.8 to 10.11.6

Another important thing you should know, make sure you have fast internet connection so the update can be finished properly. And, it would be better, if you format the memory card before you copy the installation file for the latest Firmware of Nikon D5.

Nikon D5 Software Download

Nikon D5 Software Download for Windows
Nikon D5 Software Download for Macintosh
Nikon D5 Software Download for Linux

Nikon D5 Firmware Download

Nikon D5 Firmware Download for Windows
Nikon D5 Firmware Download for Macintosh
Nikon D5 Firmware Download for Linux

Nikon D5 Utilities Download

Nikon D5 Utilities Download for Windows
Nikon D5 Utilities Download for Macintosh
Nikon D5 Utilities Download for Linux

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